The Gorillagator

A short rhyme I wrote for @Bourbonbaker to get my brain moving today.

Let me take you on down to the swamp,
Where the bullfrogs croak and the Cajuns stomp,
Where you can fly-fish hip-deep in hip waders,
But you better watch out for gorillagators!

Swingin’ through the trees they come,
Quick as they please on opposable thumbs,
Ceaselessly sweeping strokes of solid arms,
The gorillagator always intends some serious harm.

Chomp chomp chomp!
See ya later,
If you should pass near a swingin’ gorilla gator!
Like King Louie with razor sharp teeth,
It ain’t fire or bananas the gorillagator seeks.
He wants the loners, the explorers,
Who stray from the path,
Waiting patiently until they’re beneath, then–


But before you condemn them, let me say this.
Conservationists hail them, singing their praises.
Many an industrialist snapped up as their prey is,
Forfeiting a future of exorbitant wages.
Gorillagators defend their turf, that’s what their way is.

So let me take you down to the swamp,
but stray from the path and chomp chomp chomp!

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